Fixing the Fine Arts: Supply and Demand

THE FOUNDATION FOR ENTREPRENEURIALISM IN THE ARTS seeks to address the huge imbalance between the supply of performing arts graduates and the lack of demand for their skills by teaching them to become entrepreneurs for the arts.

Having been trained in how to forge their own career path rather than unrealistically graduating and expecting to be handed a job, these students will fan out - creating new arts organizations and sparking a rebirth in the fine arts across America.

The FEA will achieve this through the adoption of its Performance Entrepreneurism Program (PEP), which revamps the curriculum used at fine arts schools while not touching the fine arts portion of the curriculum. Students are trained in topics like organization, sales and marketing, management and entrepreneurship, and participate in a field study where they actually go out and create a new arts organization or something new in an existing one. Wouldn't it be amazing if students actually graduate from conservatory into a job that they created?

The FEA will also hold seminars based on PEP for arts graduates so that they may acquire the same skills outside of the college setting.

The FEA will be creating endowed chairs in entrepreneurialism at major fine arts colleges.