Mission Statement

THE FOUNDATION FOR ENTREPRENEURIALISM IN THE ARTS seeks to address the huge imbalance between the supply of performing artists and the lack of demand for their skills in America through a combination of charity and education. The FEA intends to revamp the way that performers are trained and how they approach their professional careers, thereby causing a rebirth and revitalization of the performing arts nationwide.

In particular, as a New York 501(c)(3) not-for-profit foundation, the FEA will raise funds for an endowment that will underwrite and influence the creation and adoption of its Performance Entrepreneurialism Program curricula and instruction at conservatories and colleges of fine arts to teach performers how to create demand for their abilities, in addition to their traditional arts education.

The FEA will also organize and stage seminars and summer institutes to provide existing artists with immersive education in Performance Entrepreneurialism both outside of and in conjunction with universities and arts festivals.

The purpose of these programs is to equip performers with skills in entrepreneurship so that they may become the creators of new concerts and other arts activities at the grass roots level - the largest and most underserved fine arts market in America. Instead of performers graduating from performing arts schools and unrealistically expecting to be handed a job in an almost non-existent market, The FEA's efforts using their Performance Entrepreneurialism Program will cause these PEP-trained artists to fan out across America, bringing new fine arts to an underserved public while gaining sustainable careers.