Michael Drapkin, Executive Director

Brevard Music Center, North Carolina

July 14-16 2006

Schedule of Events

Friday, July 14
11:30am Arrival, hotel check-in, registration, lunch in the BMC Cafeteria
1:00pm Welcomes by BCOME Executive Director Michael Drapkin, BMC CEO John Candler
1:20pm Introduction of Keynote Speaker by BMC Artistic Director David Effron
1:30pm Keynote Address by Dr. Robert Freeman, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, University of Texas at Austin: "Solutions"
2:30pm Plenary Session: "The Three Entrepreneurs" Issues of entrepreneurship, risk/reward, lifestyle commitments, reality, comfort zones, intrapreneurship
3:20pm Break
3:45pm 1st Track Session:
- PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS: Savvy self-promotion for professionals using electronic media
- COLLEGE MUSIC FACULTY: Survey of current entrepreneurship models in the academic world: case studies
- MUSIC INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS: Business Plan: ingredients, corporate entities, components
4:30pm 2nd Track Session:
- PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS: Entrepreneurial opportunities and resources
- COLLEGE MUSIC FACULTY: Incorporating entrepreneurial skills and resources into your personal teaching: case studies
- MUSIC INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS: Market Research: What it is, why you need it and how to conduct it
5:20pm Wrap-Up
5:45pm Dinner, BMC Cafeteria
7:30pm BMC Evening Concert

Saturday, July 15
7:30am Breakfast, BMC Cafeteria
9:00am Keynote Address by Gerd Leonhard: "The New Entrepreneur"
10:00am 3rd Track Session:
- PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS: Business legalities: intellectual property, contracts, royalties, agents, and negotiations, tracking the cash flow.
- COLLEGE MUSIC FACULTY: Infusing entrepreneurship into the curriculum: strategies, tactics, challenges, politics
- MUSIC INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS: Marketing to your constituency
11:05am Plenary Session: Sales and Marketing
12:00pm Lunch, BMC Cafeteria
1:30pm Plenary Session: Creativity Exercise
2:25pm 4th Track Session:
- PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS: New models of distribution: sales channels, performance spaces and venues
- COLLEGE MUSIC FACULTY: Round-table discussions on faculty issues
- MUSIC INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS: Finding funding partners: for-profit, not-for- profit, creative partnerships, what's in it for the partner
3:30pm Break
3:45pm Plenary Session: Shaped Note Singing Exercise
4:20pm Plenary Session: Networking
5:00pm Wrap-Up
5:30pm Picnic
7:30pm BMC Evening Concert
9:30pm BCOME folk dance/bluegrass music event in Brevard Town Square

Sunday, July 16
7:30am BMC Cafeteria
9:00am It's All About You:
- One-on-One Mentoring with BCOME staff
- Career/Skills Assessment Testing
- Myers-Briggs Testing and Counseling
12:00pm Lunch, BMC Cafeteria
3:00pm BMC Orchestra Concert
5:00pm End of Conference